We are currently studying two books, verse by verse, line upon line, precept upon precept. the two books of beginnings: Genesis and The Gospel of John

Gospel of John ⎮ Chapter 4 v. 1-9 Calvary Chapel Montreal Regeneration Sebastien Frappier Teaching November 03, 2019


Genesis, the book of Beginnings, displays God’s promises and blessing to the first humans and His chosen people, the Hebrews.  Genesis takes us back beyond recorded history, and by revelation unveils the origin both of the universe and of the human race.  The thrust of the Genesis message is that to understand who we are and where we came from, we must begin with God.  Genesis traces the Creation of the universe to a personal God.  It portrays human beings as unique, special creations of this God. It explains the origin of sin and evil. It affirms man’s moral responsibility, and lays a foundation for a doctrine of redemption.  Genesis lays the foundation for understanding all Scripture.  In a grand plan for the benefit of our race, set in motion in the call of Abraham, God has revealed the wonder of His endless, redeeming love.


A lofty perspective of the earthly life of Jesus as seen directly from heaven through the Spirit inspired writings of the apostle Jesus loved, John. The Fourth Gospel describes the mystery of the identity of Jesus. The Gospel According to John develops a Christology—an explanation of Christ’s nature and origin. It takes us behind Christ’ ministry, where we get a glimpse of what it means to believe in Jesus as the incarnation of the eternal and living God, as the source of light and life. This gospel shows us our need for the New Birth through the way, the truth and the life: Jesus, God made flesh.